Ibenegbu: My best is yet to come

by Solace Chukwu on Mon 26 June, 2017
Ikechukwu Ibenegbu

Veteran playmaker Ikechukwu Ibenegbu has made more starting appearances than any other outfield player this season for Enyimba. He talked with EnyimbaFC.net on the season so far, his influences, and what is required to perform at the highest level.

Appraisal of the season so far

Let me start with the club: I think we have not done so bad, but we have also not done so well. I believe before the season comes to an end, we will get to our target. Our target this year is to make sure we win the league to start with, and also the FA Cup. With time, we can get to our target. Personally, I believe my best is yet to come. I still have a lot to give to the club.

What motivates you?

In every season, I set targets for myself and the clubs I play for. Last season, I set a target of getting a continental ticket, but unfortunately, I didn't make it. This season, I set a target that we must win the league trophy, as well as the FA Cup. It has not eluded us yet, we are still on track for both.

Playing and coaching influences

I'm an Arsenal fan, so I like playing like Ozil and Cazorla, because they provide assists a lot. So that's what I try to do in every match I participate in.

As a coach, the late Kelechi Emeteole. He was the one who gave me all Ive gotten in football. He was the one who took me to El Kanemi FC in Maiduguri, from school in 2005/2006, after my graduation for a trial. I scaled through, and from there I won the Nigerian top scorer award, that was when we were playing an abridged league format. So, I was the top scorer with 10 goals, and was also named the Most Valuable Player. So, honestly, Emeteole was the one who impacted me a lot.

How did you receive the news of his passing?

Honestly, when he was down, I contributed a lot, both financially and spiritually. I was praying too. He was just like a father to me, because in December last year I went to his house with my family: my wife and my kids; we went to visit him. We saw how he was faring. He was really down then, so we prayed together with him.

Even before his wife took him to India, we were communicating. The last time I spoke with Emeteole, we were chatting on the phone so he told me that he would be discharged in 10 days. So, for his wife to call me again and say we should be praying for him, that she didn't understand how he was feeling. We continued praying.

Soon after, we got the news that he had died. I felt very very bad to hear that Kelechi had passed on. What can we do? I still give God the glory.

What kind of a man was he?

I was so close to Emeteole. He lived the life of a Christian. He was just such a good man.

Specific playmaker responsibilities

First of all, a playmaker needs to assist goals, about 10 to 15 a season. He needs to score goals too, and it is his job to coordinate the team as well.

Striker you have the best understanding with

I have a good understanding with most of our strikers, but the people I have the best understanding with are (Stephen) Chukwude and Chinedu (Ohanachom). Chinedu makes a lot of runs, and I like the kind of skills he possesses. He makes the right runs for a playmaker to shine in a match. He has not played much, but he should keep working hard. The choice will be made by the coach; the coach knows the qualities he wants in a striker. I rate him among the best in the team, but we have to leave it up to the coach to make his own choice.

Form and the title race

Talking about the form of the team, we have not done badly at home here. But I think our away form has not been good this season, but the way things are going now, we will make it right.

I don't we have any issues at home, but that doesn't mean we relax. Any slip at home and our target won't be achieved this season. no team is too small in this current season. We have to buckle up and stamp our feet to ensure we win. We have set a marker, beating El Kanemi Warriors 4-0, so we set our standard high. Anything short of four goals, and we haven't done our job well.